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Collective Minds Gaming Co. is changing the game with the next generation of the Strike Pack, featuring four mappable buttons for an unheard of price. VANCOUVER, PRESS RELEASE October 30th, 2019 – This Friday, Collective Minds Gaming Co., a company that specializes in developing ground-breaking removable paddle control systems, will release a revolutionary four actuator solution, the Strike Pack Eliminator for Xbox One. Built on our patented Strike Pack platform, we have added four customizable rear hyper response buttons for faster, more accessible engagement. This mechanical change gives players an added versatility in-game, bridging the skill gap between controllers and...

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Montreal, QC – July 25, 2017. For over a decade racing enthusiast all over the world have searched for a solution to take their favourite Force Feedback racing wheel from console to console. The wait is over!!!. The Drive Hub is a revolutionary, industry first cross over gaming adapter making it possible to use virtually any Force Feedback Steering wheel on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 gaming console. Our proprietary Gearbox technology instantly detects and configures your wheel to match either Xbox One or PlayStation 4, no complicated tuning or PC apps required just Plug and Play. Enjoy true Force...

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PS4 STRIKE PACK F.P.S. DOMINATORTM MOD PACK CONTROLLER ADAPTER WITH PADDLES MSRP: $39.99 USD Press Release November 1st , 2016- For over a year PlayStation 4 gamers have been looking for an Elite controller solution similar to that offered by the Microsoft Elite controller. The PS4 F.P.S Dominator MOD PACK fills that void, introducing state of art Paddle technology that can be added to any Sony Dual Shock 4 controller. Simply snap it into your controller, plug in the included 10ft cable, and get ready to experience lightning fast reaction times and unprecedented control. The F.P.S Dominator allows Elite and...

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