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Strike Pack Eliminator PS4

Regular price $44.99

**NOTE: 3.5mm headset audio compatible with controller model CUH-ZCT2U and later.  Original model CUH-ZCT1U controller NOT supported for 3.5mm headset audio – USB headset required.

The Strike Pack Eliminator Mod Pack adapter adds four cutting edge, Hyper response, mappable rear buttons to your standard PS4 Controller**. The ability to keep your thumbs on the sticks, and fingers on the triggers, greatly improves your response time in any game. Gain the competitive advantage you deserve and eliminate your enemy. Hundreds of Controller Mod combinations are built in and are digital so your controller warranty is not voided.  

  • Four Hyper Response Buttons
  • Full mapping capability of all 17 functions
  • Customizable Digital Mods
  • High Performance Grip
  • Patented Controller transferability