Xbox FAQ


Why are the lights on my Strikepack lit up but I can’t map and use an Action Button / Paddle?

The cable may not be connected properly. Detach the cable from the Strikepack and reconnect it to the Strikepack, ensuring that the cable is pushed in all the way. Even though it lights up, it can still be poorly connected. Make sure that the short connector is also connected to the controller’s micro usb port.

Why is my Strikepack not detected in the Updater Tool/Mod Central?

Ensure that the Strikepack is detached from the controller when plugged into the computer. Ensure that your antivirus/firewall/vpn is disabled and that your computer is fully updated, including all optional updates. Try another USB port or computer if possible. Try the Windows driver fix HERE. If the issue persists, contact support at:

Why is the Updater Tool telling me there is a Network Error?

You have an outdated version of the Updater Tool; download a new version of the Universal Updater HERE. If the issue persists, disable your antivirus/firewall/vpn and reboot your internet modem/router.

My Strikepack keeps randomly disconnecting my controller during gameplay; what do I do?

If you experience this issue, please contact support at:

My USB cable is broken and I don’t have any that fit the Strikepack; what do I do?

There are a few options available to you including contacting support at: if you are within warranty, or purchasing a new cable from our website. Please do not modify the Strikepack as this will void your warranty.

Does my Strikepack need to be plugged in or can I just plug it into a USB power plug?

DO NOT plug the Strikepack into the mains under any circumstances as this is likely to damage the device and void your warranty. The Strikepack is a wired lag free device and it is designed to have a wired connection directly to the console at all times.

Why are my friends hearing microphone buzzing when I’m using the Strikepack?

This is an Xbox® wired connection issue that can occur with any wired controller connection, with or without the Strikepack. It is caused by interference and is even more likely to occur when you are using a headset with a detachable mic and breaks in the cable. There are a few options you can try that may minimize or avoid this; A) Try a different USB port on the console. B) Try a difference headset, C) Wireless headset to avoid connecting to the controller altogether.

What is the difference between the Strikepack Dominator and the Strikepack Eliminator?

The Strikepack Dominator has 2 Remappable Paddles, whereas the Strikepack Eliminator has 4 Hyper Response Remappable Action Buttons.

Can I use the XB1™ Strikepack with the Xbox® Elite Series controllers or Series X controller?

It is unsupported and it actually will not work at all. Please do not modify the Strikepack device to make it fit as it still won’t function and you will void your warranty.

Does the Strikepack work in PC or mobile gaming?

PC gaming is unsupported. Mobile/Smartphone gaming is unsupported. The Strikepack is designed to only be used for Xbox® gaming. If you get anything working beyond that, that is up to you. Our support team cannot offer any assistance with this.

Does the Strikepack come with MODS?

The Strikepack comes with a basic suite of MODS called FPS Standard. These MODS are completely optional and you can just use the device for Action Button / Paddle mapping if you wish.

I play flipped (I use LB/RB for aiming and shooting) and my MODS are not working; what do I need to do?

This applies to the FPS Standard 2.0 built-in MODS; the Strikepack has its own setting that handles flipped functionality. Please follow the instructions in the Strikepack manual to enable flipped, and keep your in-game controls on default instead of flipped.