Nintendo FAQ


Why can’t I switch modes?

It is likely one of two reasons A) You don’t have a controller paired directly to the Switch Up; please follow the video playlist for connecting controllers here. B) Wired Pro Controller Communication isn’t set to ON in the console’s system settings; turn it on, reconnect the Switch Up, and reboot the console. If the issue persists, contact our support team at:

Does Switch Up work on the Lite?

With the included On-The-Go (OTG) cable adapter yes, but you will still need to pair an external controller directly to the Switch Up and use that controller. The built-in controls will not work with the Switch Up.

Can I use Switch Up on Joy-Con™ only games, such as Mario™ Party and Pokemon™ Let’s Go?

No sorry. The Switch Up is seen as a Pro Controller by the console.

My MODS are pressing the wrong buttons; what can I do?

Don’t remap your controls in the console’s system settings; reset this to default.