PSVR2 SHOWCASE™ Premium PSVR2 Charge Station and Display Stand

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Need a place to store your PSVR2 Headset and controllers safely when not in use? Look no further than the ultra-premium Collective Minds PSVR2 Showcase™ Charge & Display Stand. It is the most complete solution for your PSVR2 needs. Featuring a premium finish that elegantly displays your PSVR2 headset, the stand also features storage for both VR2 Sense controllers. The magnetic charging system allows for easy drop-in and charge functionality and the AC adapter provides the fastest charge time possible.

  • FAST Charge Sense Controllers:  This charging station charges both sense controllers in under 1.5 hours.  Fastest charge time is possible due to INCLUDED Type C AC WALL charger.
  • Effortless Charging: The included Type C Magnetic Charge Adapters allow easy drop-in charging of both sense controllers in the provided charging cradles.  LED’s conveniently place at the front of the charge station provide the charge status of the sense controllers.  
  • Safe Charging: Advanced Charging Technology provides Over Charge protection, Over Current protection, Over Voltage protection, and Short-Circuit protection in order to ensure the safety of your equipment. 
  • Premium Protect and Display Storage: Showcase the PSVR2 Headset while safely storing it on a premium charge station designed exclusively for PSVR2.  Rubber padding provide a safe place to store your headset when not in use.




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For more information about the PSVR2 Showcase:

Download PDF Manual HERE

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