Line Level Audio Adapter for iPhone and Smartphones

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Want to easily record from a mixer or sound board directly to your Smartphone? The Line Level Audio Adapter for iPhone and Smartphones is just what you need.

Our line level audio adapter allows you to record audio on your iPhone or compatible Smartphone from outputs such as the headphone jack or audio output jack from turn tables, mixers, sound boards, or other professional audio equipment.  The collective Minds line level audio adapter replaces your iPhone's microphone level audio signal with line level input allowing you to record on your device as if the sound was coming directly from it providing greatly improved audio mixes for your live streams.

  • Record line level audio from your mixer or sound board directly on your iPhone, or smartphone 
  • Use external audio output to replace your smartphone's mic giving you clear audio for your live streams.
  • Compatible with most smart phones that have a combined headset and microphone jack.
  • 14 inch cable.


Easy Hook Up:
  1. From the line out of your audio source, plug in the required cables to a 3.5mm male jack.  This could be two 1/4" jacks from your audio source to a single male 3.5mm jack.

  2. Insert the male 3.5mm into the female end of the Line Level Audio Adapter for Smartphones. 

  3. Plug the male Line Level Audio Adapter for Smartphones into your phone, laptop, or tablet.*  

  4. The device will recognize this as an external audio source and turn its internal microphone off allowing you to record using the external source. 

  5. Open your App and record away!

*You will need a lightning, USB-C, or USB adapter depending on your device. Please note: Apple brand lightning adapters DO NOT work on iPhones except on iPhone 12.