D-Grip™ Switch™ D-Pad Covers

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Get a Grip and gain precision control in any game played best with the Directional Pad

A revolutionary patent pending product that transforms the left Joy-Con direction buttons into a traditional directional pad. The D-Pad is embedded into a Premium form fitting silicone sleeve for added comfort. A right silicone sleeve in matching colour is also provided for total comfort. No Need to perform complicated disassembly of your Joy-Con, simply slip on the D-Grip and you are ready to play! Joy-Con's are not included. Choose from three exciting colours.

  • ADD A DIRECTIONAL PAD – Adds a traditional directional pad to your left Joy-Con while maintaining full Joy-Con functionality.
  • PRECISION CONTROL – The D-Grip™ pad is engineered to provide the precision feel and enhanced control of an integrated d-pad for the most demanding Switch games, providing a significant advantage over analog controls.
  • SUPPORTS ALL GAME MODES – All Switch game modes are supported - TV Mode, Tabletop Mode & Handheld Mode.
  • ANTI-SLIP COMFORT – Left and Right Joy-Con covers are made from a premium anti-slip silicone to not only protect your Joy-Con’s™ but enhance comfort.
  • TRUE FIT DESIGN – Designed specifically for the Joy-Con™ controllers, the silicone covers precisely fit the Joy-Con’s™ to avoid sagging, and are easy to put on and remove to suit your gameplay style, never voiding warranty.


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